Marital Counseling

Various circumstances can affect our relationships in ways that we may never have predicted.

Sometimes we may find effective communication with our spouse to be elusive, though we are making our best effort. We may find ourselves in response acting in a manner we do not desire, such as more arguing, infidelity, or pursuing termination of a marriage. Other times we may not know how to adjust to things such as being newly married, one spouse leaving or entering the workplace, having children or becoming empty-nesters.

In marital counseling, you will encounter an interactive environment which encourages new patterns of relating, seeking and granting forgiveness for past wrongs, enhancing intimacy and communication, and instruction on effective skills to adjust to situations that appear to cause conflict or have you and your spouse feeling stuck. Marriage counseling through Scout combines some of the most proven methods of effective marriage counseling, including the work of Dr. John Gottman and the Gottman Method, Dr. Sue Johnson and Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Dr. Brent Atkinson in Pragmatic-Experential Therapy for Couples (PET-C), all while integrating Christian faith principles as the couple wishes.

Couples can expect to begin with a conjoint session designed to discuss the presenting problem and relationship history. Couples will then complete a thorough relationship assessment and each partner will participate in an individual session to gather more information. After the individual sessions, we move forward working with the three key components of a lasting relationship- friendship and intimacy, conflict resolution, and shared meaning and vision.

Also, couples that have challenges with schedules or intend to travel longer distances to come to counseling may schedule intensives.