Often the issues holding back a company, business, or church can be found in the relationships of the leadership.

It can be difficult as leaders to effectively see the things that are holding back your congregation or company from achievement, and healthy communication between key stakeholders can be lacking. Lack of vision and clarity can also lead to confusion in the workplace and hinder achieving company goals. In other situations, your company may be stuck, unable to identify a true purpose and way to go about achieving long term goals.

A consultation offers you the opportunity to bring in an unbiased, outside perspective on your situation and hopefully provide the spark needed to remove the obstacles in the path of your organization. Consultation partners have included church staffs as well as medium to large corporations and non-profits.

A consult begins with an initial meeting with the key stakeholder followed by a written proposal from Scout based upon your unique organizational needs. There is no cost nor obligation to continue with the consultation until the proposal has been signed and agreed upon. Once the proposal is signed, the necessary stakeholders will be interviewed and assessed as needed and subsequent meetings will begin until the proposal is fulfilled and your organization is satisfied.