Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Accept Insurance?

Currently I do not accept insurance payments. I believe people are complex creations reflecting the nature of our God and managed care often cannot accurately outline the nuances of each human by using diagnostic labels and prescribing treatment objectives. I would rather you and I work together to give you the help you find best, including number of sessions and treatment objectives, as well as freedom from diagnostic labels. I also enjoy spending more time directly assisting you by focusing on your case rather than providing justification to managed care for the treatment you are receiving. I find my rates are competitive with many insurance copays and many of my clients find relief in knowing their confidential information is not shared with a third party or recorded as a part of a permanent health record. 


What Can I Expect in Counseling?

All my clients can expect to be welcomed into a safe and confidential environment. In our initial meeting, you can expect me to review your rights as a client as well as how I work as a counselor. Afterwards, I will ask you several questions, allowing me to further understand your presenting problem. Once I think I have enough information, I will give you a small portion of feedback on what I hear, which will provide us the opportunity to formulate goals to pursue together in our relationship. As we move forward, meeting weekly or bi-monthly initially, you can expect to get more perspective on your current problem through the lens of your past, getting you oriented properly to your unique situation

How Long Does Counseling Last?

Counseling sessions are typically 50 minutes per session unless circumstances for additional time are needed and planned in advance. The term of counseling varies from person to person, situation to situation. Some situations can call for as few as 6 to 12 sessions, and others may pursue counseling for an extended period of time to handle more in-depth issues. 

What Does Counseling Cost?

Fees vary based upon the household income of each client. While many counselors would love to give our work away because we love helping people so much, we thankfully have good people that remind us that we have engaged in a great degree of training to become experts in our fields, not simply advice givers. Therefore, your fee assists with overhead costs and for time spent outside of the counseling session managing your case. Additionally, I encourage clients to see fees as an investment in themselves that will hopefully provide them the life they truly desire. 

What Hours Are you Available?

My office hours can be found here. I see clients currently on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. My availability may vary at times. I limit my appointment openings to focus my energy and efforts towards clients who are ready to engage the change process.

Do You Only See Christians?

No. I see clients from various faith perspectives, however, I do want to be forthright in saying that my primary identity is that of a Christian counselor.