What Is a Boundary?

Some of you may be very familiar with the concept of interpersonal boundaries. Others may be familiar with the concept of a physical boundary such as a fence, but not as clear on the idea of boundaries as they apply to relationships. And others may not be aware of the concept of a boundary at all. Well, interpersonal boundaries are extremely important, I believe, to living a functionally healthy and mentally stable life. One of the leading experts on the concept of boundaries is Dr. Henry Cloud. He has written various books on the subject of boundaries, such as boundaries with children, leaders, and dating, but I suggest his classic book written with John Townsend as a good place to start with learning about healthy relationship boundaries. Here is a brief video from Dr. Cloud on what boundaries are and why we need them.

If the concept of boundaries is new to you, I highly recommend picking up Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life and give it a read today. And for further reading on the subject, consider the coinciding workbook or Dr. Cloud's books pertaining to boundaries with dating, leaders, and kids.